At the Starting Line

The past eight months have been a whirlwind. Like many people, I experienced (what felt like) a million changes in the face of COVID.

I had been training for my first marathon in May, but the training and the race were postponed. I effectively self-quarantined. As someone with autoimmune difficulties, my risk of a poor prognosis is higher if I would get COVID and I saw no reason to risk it. Thankfully, my work stayed steady and even increased a bit, which was a welcome distraction as my marriage ended.

Not all change is bad. My marriage is a perfect example. COVID helped draw an end to a relationship that was on the rocks since the start. Being home also helped me focus more on creating a place of calm and solitude. From cleaning and organizing nooks and crannies to redecorating to reflect who I am as individual, I was able to reclaim my home and my life. I also adopted new eating habits, choosing a mostly plant-based diet because that works best for my personal health, and I started running again, ultimately completing two marathons 24 days apart.

Now, it is November. As I write this, the votes are cast but not yet counted – and my birthday is tomorrow. I will turn 39. As I embark on my 40th year of (a truly fortunate and wonderful) life, I can’t help realize that there is nothing left to do. I don’t mean in my life. I have amazing things ahead of me. No, I mean that everything is in process. My vote is cast. My divorce hearing and the finalization of the whole process should happen by the end of the year. My work is steady. COVID rages on, but now we know that it will be around for a while, so we may as well settle in.

The only thing left to do is adapt.

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For me, I want that new life to feature an active lifestyle. I want to prioritize running and other fitness activities as well as a diet that fits my body’s needs and optimizes my nutrition. I want to explore areas of my county that I have missed out on in favor of far off places. I am starting that effort with this blog and social media accounts that are separate from my regular profiles so that I have a space to focus on these efforts without distraction.